How to write a request for proposal

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Web outsourcing: a top business idea

Outsourcing all or part of your web operations can be seen as a valuable, strategic and effective management tool when shaping a professional online presence.

Professional services to design a successful site

Whether you want us to produce your web site from conception to completion, to improve your current site or simply to manage specific needs or questions, we are here to help!

Choosing an external contractor for complex web projects can be time consuming!
This page offers some insight to help you write a Request for Proposal (RFP) - a detailed document written by a company looking for an external contractor to bid on a web project. It describes what information the company needs to provide to and request from an external contractor.

Information to provide to contractor

• industry description
• organization description
• information on recent events or initiatives
• future plans
• competitors, along with a brief critique of their sites
Contact information
• decision makers
• one point of contact to mail or call with questions
• description of the group who works on the project
Schedule of deadlines
• for the entire process
Decision criteria
• deadline of proposal delivery
• qualifications of applicants
• how proposals are evaluated
• decision date & notification details
Project summary
• overarching goals & timeline
Target audience
• types of users
• target market demographics
• size of the audience/user base
• user characteristics
Detailed project
• primary & secondary goals
• budget
• general scope
• timeline
• business requirements
• design requirements
• functional requirements
• content & content development needs
• existing technical environment
• working relationship requirements
• ongoing support & maintenance requirements

Information to request from contractor

Company information
• history
• size
• % of overall business dedicated to web services
• overview of services & capabilities
• key personnel bios
• contact information
Proposed solution
• summary
• methodology/process: dev. plan, tasks, timeline
• details: original ideas, features, functionality, options...
• preliminary design compositions
• budget: cost of services, 3rd party costs, support...
• list of deliverables
• ownership
Project team
• examples of previous work
• client references
• awards & special certifications